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I can undestand boycotting Israel because the treat Arabs almost as bad as the Nazi's treated the Jews, You would think that the Jews would be the last people to treat others like that.  But they are quick to throw old ladies and children out in the street from their homes so they can give the homes to jewish people.

    But boycotting Arizona doesn't make sense. Drugs and child trafficking has to be stopped.  If you think its okay for the Mexicans to sell children to pedophiles, bring drugs here and take cash and guns back to mexico, then yea, boycott Arizona.


Strange. Isn't boycotting Israeli products illegal?


@stevienusa : It is your right to tell your opinion
@Inside passage : no it is not


Ah, nevermind. I did a quick check on Wiki, and apparently the EAR provisions are specifically directed at boycotts initiated by foreign governments. Legal to participate in otherwise.

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